Ebooks, Kindle books and Paperbacks – which should I publish?

Ebooks, Kindle books and Paperbacks – which should I publish? It’s a great question!


To start with – the first question you should ask yourself is do you have any way of selling an ebook direct? And by that I mean, a blog, newsletter or similar.

If you do – then you should DEFINITELY publish any book you write in ebook format: it’s a simple PDF file and you make 100% of the profit – unless you have affiliates (but then you’ll have more sales)!

If you don’t have a store on your blog or website – get one! I use WooCommerce but there are others like eStore which work well. Upload your PDF, promote it, make money. Job done. 🙂


Depending on the niche, Kindle books can be hit or miss. I find that recipe books don’t do so well because people just don’t generally have their Kindle with them in the kitchen. But I do make SOME sales.

Kindle books are submitted to KDP – a partner of Amazon – in a Word doc. There are some formatting issues you’ll have to sort out – but it’s not very tricky, and once the book is ready you can be live on Amazon within a few hours.

One thing to note – KDP will always offer you the option of KDP Select. This program offers higher royalties, but ONLY if you are exclusive to them. And that means NOT selling the book in ebook format anywhere else. Never select this option if you are planning to also produce a PDF ebook.


Some people REALLY don’t want to read a book on their computer or e-reader. And they’re willing to pay a higher price so they can hold a real book in their hands, rather than look at something electronic.

Plus, as an author (even a self-published one) the accomplishment that you will feel when you are holding a physical book with your name on it is WAY greater than when you publish an ebook.

Getting the attention of publishing companies is HARD, so the easiest route is via CreateSpace – another Amazon partner. If you’re able to get your book into a print-ready format with a cover (or know someone who can help you, hint hint), then CreateSpace walks you through the whole process, including obtaining an ISBN, picture resolution and book proofing.

Update: Createspace is now part of KDP, so both these types of books are handled in the same dashboard!

The first time is DEFINITELY daunting, but if you need someone to hold your hand. And you won’t regret it! Searching your own name on Amazon and finding your book is a seriously awesome feeling.

Interested in getting published? Contact me to see how I can help you!

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