With a background in book and magazine publishing, and a great understanding of how ebooks, print books and Kindle books work, I can help you format books, get your work printed, and make the whole project look professional and user-friendly by containing a great index!


An index is the list at the back of the book which is essential if the book is to be user-friendly. An index cannot be created by a computer as it requires common sense and understanding of the topic and readers.

Completed Index Work To Date:

Index Testimonial:

“Georgina provides top-notch indexing services. The work is professional, prompt, and thorough. I was very pleased with the quality of indexing work which included all pertinent terms in my book. Georgina efficiently created a valuable resource for my book and did so with skill. Working with Georgina on discussion of the work and rates was effortless and straightforward…just what you need when publishing a book! GB Editorial Book Services provides quality indexing work that I will certainly use again! – Colleen”


I can help you convert text to ebooks, ebooks to Kindle format, ebooks to printed books on Amazon – and more!

As well as my own 14+ books, here are some other books I have worked on:

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